Stand Out Map Gifts

Customised, Weatherproof, Washable, Educational maps designed for your

children's endless adventures


SplashTex™ Maps


SplashTex™ is our new adventure map, made from 100% recycled PET bottles.

Created specifically for adventure map gifts, this fabric is machine washable, weatherproof, foldable, and wearable.

It is manufactured to Global Recycling Certification standards (GRC) from consumer waste (PET bottles) sourced within the EU. Further, this fabric is printed to SplashMaps® using a zero waste process. 

Eco-Cork™ Maps

Our Eco-Cork™ Playmaps is an eco-friendly, 100% natural, renewable and recyclable material.

It is naturally soft, lightweight, versatile, waterproof, insulating and very durable.

Non-toxic and naturally hypoallergenic, cork is recommended for people with asthma and allergies, because cork does not absorb dust. The anti-microbial cork surface naturally kills bacteria and germs.

Soft-Felt Maps

Our Soft-Felt Playmaps is made from poly-felt –

a soft, harmless fibre blend that is durable, flexible and easy to clean. It stays firmly in place and protects against cold floors and injuries thanks to the anti-slip backing.

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